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Placemat IMG_3481

Placemat IMG_3481

Animal simulation texture, soft and comfortable touch


Product information

Product PV fur brushed blanket    
Fabric(front) PV fur brushed back printed,250gsm
Fabric(back) Fleece 150gsm 
Size 127*152cm or customized
MOQ 1000pcs 



Snuggle up on sofas and beds while watching your favorite TV shows with this warm animal-like textured PV brushed blanket. Great for indoor and outdoor use, providing constant warmth in cold weather, especially camping and picnics.


High-quality materials.

100% fleece can withstand years of washing and drying without sacrificing its softness and breathability.


Multifunctional blanket

A loyal companion that stays with you anytime, anywhere, like taking a nap on the couch or wrapping around while camping.





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