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  • Why Lambswool Blankets Are The Best For Blankets


    Not just anyone can understand the appeal of a lambswool blanket. Soft and durable, the wool is most often Cashmere or Merino bred from a young lamb. 

    Why Lambswool Blankets Are The Best For Blankets


    Not just anyone can understand the appeal of a lambswool blanket. Soft and durable, the wool is most often Cashmere or Merino bred from a young lamb. This luxurious material is unique for its temperature-regulation abilities, creating an optimal warmth in any season--perfect for blanketing yourself in during those chilly winter months or cool summer evenings. Not only does it come in a comfortable array of weaves  and colors, but you can also trust that your lambswool blanket has been manufactured with good standards of ethical practice due to its certification by the British Wool Marketing Board. Truly, no other type of blanket can rival lambswool's combination of comfort, warmth, and quality.



    Features of lambswool blanket


    Lambswool blankets are known for their unique, luxurious feel. Their softness comes from the fine wool fibres of European lambs, and they're made to last longer than most blanket materials due to their advanced manufacturing techniques. Not only are they heavier and more insulating than regular blankets, but they also have natural breathability and a greater ability to wick away moisture quickly, making them ideal for all-season comfort. Those looking for breathing room during sleep can benefit from the natural openness of a lambswool blanket, which allows air circulation while maintaining warmth on colder nights. As a bonus, lambswool lends itself to being both stain-resistant and naturally hypoallergenic for those with sensitivities or allergies.



    What are the sizes of lambswool blanket


    Lambswool blankets come in a variety of sizes to accommodate the varying needs of customers. They range from much smaller throw blanket sizes up to larger bedding sizes. The smallest size is typically about 40x50 inches, which makes for a nice light-weight and natural feeling throw blanket on top of a sofa or chair, or even as an additional layer on your bed. For those looking for more coverage, king-size lambswool blankets measure up to 90x100 inches, offering more than enough space to cover both you and your partner while you sleep. No matter what bedroom size you need your lambswool blanket to cover, there is sure to be one that will fit the bill.



    How to clean lambswool blanket


    Cleaning your lambswool blanket doesn't have to be a chore. Depending on the type of material you have, there are several methods to achieve a clean and soft blanket. For general cleaning, manual brushing or vacuuming with a brush attachment is enough. To help keep the wool naturally oiled, use gentle soap and cool water, agitating with your hands when possible. If your blanket has been stained or soiled, use a lint roller to get rid of any dirt before washing. Once it's done being washed, hang it up somewhere warm and dry so it doesn't shrink in the drying process. With proper care and attention, your lambswool blanket will remain soft and cozy for years to come.


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